Decay takes many forms. I observed the Devil's Slide Bunker perched precariously on constantly eroding sandstone. I was fascinated by the way the concrete and sandstone were eroding at different speeds, creating beautiful forms.


Iterative Form

This work stemmed from a desire to create a cantilevered form that resembled that of the original bunker. I wanted to use two materials and achieve two separate formal textures - that of the rectilinear and that of the organic.



Early into the material exploration I created a process of suspending concrete with molten wax inside a form.  By simultaneously pouring both mixtures, the concrete would billow into wonderful cloud-like forms and allowed for a rectilinear top and bottom.  I then melted out and recycled the wax.


Eventual Collapse

Like the bunker itself, my forms are destined to fall.  As the material supporting the load erodes, the heavy top begins to slouch.  I tried to combat this with steel reinforcement - using those same building techniques as the bunker.

moving laterally

After achieving repeatable though one-of-a-kind results, I moved into the digital realm.  Using Grasshopper I enacted similar forces of decay upon a rectilinear block.  I meshed the final form and eroded the fidelity, arriving with a similar form - though this time facets replaced clouds.