While the toothbrush has come a long way, its holder is still rudimentary. Modern solutions are unstable and prominently display the coagulated scum collected in the bottom bowl.  

The Halo holder solves these problems. Its three-part silicone construction facilitates easy cleaning and its hollow form conceals all grossness. Its bottom is concave and forms a suction seal to most surfaces. Mix and match colors to match your shower curtains, robe, or toothbrush!


What is useful?

What objects are sublime in their sheer utility? What, specifically, makes them perform their function so well? Must these objects be spartan in appearance, or can they include embellishment to compliment their usefulness?

ToothbrushHolder Web Image2.jpg

Sink suction

The concave on the bottom acts as a suction cup to any sink surface, preventing random acts of spillage.

3 piece

The silicone, three piece design facilitates ease of cleaning. Dishwasher safe!  The matching grooves in the ring and body align themselves when putting back together.

Object Inspiration