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I approach problems through an empathetic lens.


You guessed it, I'm a guy with a beard who likes getting his hands dirty. My practice bridges my passion for outdoor sports; surfing, cycling, sailing, hiking; with sustainable manufacturing methods. I'm a starter. I get super psyched. I pump out a ton of ideas and get fully prolific at the high level. I like to get weird and be experimental. I'm a stickler for process. I use my obsession as a driver to fuel my vision and I don't let perfectionist tendencies block the creative flow.

I believe that design is political; that the designer's morals and ideals are intrinsic to their work.  I envision a future where the constructed world can be guilt free through design and the application of systems. And, beyond merely aspiring to zero waste, one day manufacturing and industry can affect the environment positively. I hold an MFA in Industrial Design from California College of the Arts as well as a BA in Fine Arts and History of Art and Visual Culture from UC Santa Cruz.



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